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Atlanta and Manassas Classes in Stereology

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The class was held immediately before the 2006 Neuroscience meeting in Atlanta, Georgia. This was a hands-on course in design-based stereology complete with presentations, exercises, and demonstrations of a stereology system. The class was structured towards the participant. This means that participants brought their research questions and issues with them, and shared them with the instructors.

Stereology Course 2006
October 10 to 13, 2006
Hilton Garden Inn
Atlanta North Point

Society for Neuroscience meeting is
October 14 to 18, 2006

Hold these dates open. The Hilton Garden Inn can be reached directly from the Atlanta Hartsfield airport by shuttle ($25) or taxi ($70). A more economical approach is to take the train from the airport all of the way to the North Sandy Springs station and then a taxi to the hotel.

The class was ideal for those attending the Neuroscience meeting, but also anyone that needed to be introduced to the concepts of stereology, or who wanted to rejuvenate their skills.

The instructors for the course were:

  • Jens Nyengaard
  • Hans Joergen Gundersen
  • Bente Pakkenberg

These instructors have taught many classes, both here and in Europe, and are always interested in making sure that you learn as much as possible. The course covers a wide range of material that is adjusted to the needs of the participants. At a minimum the class covers the following units of instruction:

  • Cavalieri estimator for volume estimation (point counting)
  • optical fractionator and physical disector for population estimation
  • nucleator for cell volume estimation
  • cycloids for length and surface estimation
  • basic calculations

In addition, the class also discusses related material such as:

  • tissue preparation
  • sectioning
  • other probes and estimators

The general instruction format is to alternate formal lectures with hands-on activities. Early on, participants have the opportunity to present their own research. This allows the instructors to adjust the content of the workshop to the specific needs of the participants.

The class is limited to 25 participants to ensure that each participant has ample time to ask questions directly related to their own research. Time is set aside in the environment of the workshop to discuss ideas amongst the participants. Time is also set aside for meetings with the instructors for a more focused discussion of your needs.

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