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Previous Stereology Classes

Previous Stereology Classes

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Many classes are sponsored by Visiopharm. The sponsor arrange the class location, the date, and the instructors. The sponsor do not provide the curriculum. That is the expertise of the instructors.

Other recent courses taught by these instructors include:

  2000 Gottingen, Germany
  2002 Hawks Nest, West Virginia, USA
  2003 Kuopio, Finland
  2003 La Jolla, California, USA
  2004 Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
  2005 Sao Paolo, Brazil
  2005 Denmark
  2005 Manassas, Virginia, USA
  2006 KVL University, Denmark
  2006 Marburg, Germany
  2006 Bern, Switzerland
  2006 Atlanta, Georgia, USA

This is a short list and I know that more classes have been taught, but this should provide an idea of the large number of courses that these instructors have provided.

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